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VISUS JiveX PACS. "Best in KLAS" Again!

Congratulations VISUS! 🎉

For the third time in the last four years, our partners at VISUS have won the prestigious "Best in KLAS" (Europe) for their JiveX PACS solution.

The KLAS assessment, judges not only the performance, value and innovation of the solution, but also the company's relationship with customers. Aspects such as the corporate culture, the embodied values ​​and the daily cooperation are assessed equally against purely product-related aspects.

VISUS were judged favourably in all areas and were awarded a total of 91.3 out of 100 possible points, with the average value being 84.3.

Even more impressive was VISUS' ability to continue to innovate and provide unparalleled end user experiences during a period of tremendous challenge.

Here at Healthinc we are excited to work with such outstanding partners and bring the "KLAS Leading" JiveX PACS solution to radiology practices and departments throughout Australia and New Zealand.


Information about KLAS

KLAS Research has been preparing product reports since 1996, which evaluate certain products and product groups in the field of health IT on the basis of user surveys. The KLAS Award is presented based on the results. For IT specialists and decision-makers, the KLAS Reports provide a comprehensive, honest, transparent and accurate market overview for specific products. More information and access to the report can be found here .
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