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Can you afford to lose everything in a disaster?

The reason for loss could be as catastrophic as fire, flood, theft or malicious damage; or as simple as no one regularly testing that the backup was working. Organisations have been known to completely fail after experiencing a major loss of information. Without a good recovery plan a disaster will expose your organisation to serious risks including:

  • Permanent loss of critical business data

  • Inability to trade and subsequent loss of revenue

  • Damage to client and supplier relationships

Healthincs' armourDR managed backup and disaster recovery as a Service takes the risk out of on-site backups by providing a reliable automated, off-site service.


When disaster strikes, you can be confident that we’ll recover your entire system quickly and easily.

Healthinc armourDR will silently and continuously back up all data in a completely managed and secure platform. Providing the ability to rapidly recover data following data loss, device failure, device theft, ransomware, malware or disasters.

Backups are critical; but, if you’re only performing regular backups to a nearby local device such as a hard drive or USB drive, you’re missing an important part of your backup strategy. You need your files stored in separate physical locations. Protect your business from

ransomware, malware and catastrophic events like fires, floods, and robberies. Files stored in just one physical location are vulnerable. With copies of your company data securely protected, recover from malware fast—and never pay the ransomer.


We match the best solution to your needs; utilising, either Veeam®, StorageCraft ShadowProtect® or a combination of both to provide a fully managed local backup solution for files and folders, physical and virtual servers all fully replicated to our cloud partner and provider - Probax.


Healthinc employ a number of innovative and real time monitoring tools to constantly verify the integrity and recoverability of backups and to ensure the successful replication of the backups to the cloud. These monitoring tools are designed to bridge the integrity gaps that can occur when backups are replicated from the production site to the cloud.

Our platform provides for rapid recovery from events requiring restoration of backups. We can;

  • Perform Individual Folder/File Restore

  • Perform a Virtual Boot - VirtualBoot boots a system volume backup image into a Virtual Machine (VM) environment without performing a restore operation or converting backup files to a different format. VirtualBoot provides a quick, temporary replacement system for a failed server providing an innovative solution to system fail-over and backup testing. A VirtualBoot replacement can take just minutes and gives users full access to system resources and applications after only a brief downtime to cut-over to the new system.

  • Perform a bare metal restore of the Entire System to existing or new hardware.

In the event that local backups are damaged or lost, backups will be retrieved from our cloud partner by either;

  • Directly downloading from the cloud; or

  • Rapid shipment of a hard drive containing your backup data from our cloud partner should it be deemed necessary.

Traditional backup solutions using client site Disk/SAN/NAS/Tape storage provide partial solutions but are generally expensive to maintain, are subject to human and vendor variability, are not sufficiently reliable and do not inherently provide the holy grail of backup resilience: off-site storage with regular automated updates.

John Nelson

Chief Information Officer

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Don't Let Ransomware Hold Your Data Hostage

Key features of Healthinc ArmourDR

Back up of all windows-based files

ArmourDR puts both business continuity & disaster recovery plans in place by backing up all windows based files and folders into cloud. It also ensures that these cloud based backups are recoverable by performing regular checks.

Windows Server Backups

All windows server backups including differential, full and incremental can be backed up into cloud using ArmourDR mitigating threats like fire, floods and theft etc. ArmourDR supports backing up SQL databases. ArmourDR can be used for backing up RIS/PACS data and Image storage servers data to the cloud as well.

System State and Active Directory backups

With ArmourDR you can backup system sate including active directory backups for the domain controllers and exchange mailboxes to the cloud. Deduplication is performed across all backup sets on the client-side.

Military standard 256-bit AES encryption on client-side

All backups are secured using AES 256 bit encryption which means these cannot be compromised by malware's like crypto or ransomware. Encryption keys are unique to the software build for each customer.

VMware/ Hyper-V compatible

ArmourDR protects virtual and physical Windows servers, plus Windows desktops and laptops  with the ability to instantly boot backup images as Virtual Machines. ArmourDR is compatible VMware & Hyper-V virtualisation and backup solutions like ShadowProtect & Veeam backups.

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Key Benefits of Healthinc ArmourDR

Insurance for Business Data

ArmourDR is a first class managed backup solution which delivers insurance of business data  with faster recovery times. The ability is restore lost data from local or a cloud backup is a potent one which save businesses from disasters by providing lesser downtime.

Hassle Free.

Managing backups internally is getting more complicated and time consuming. With ArmourDR managed backup solution, business staff do not have to worry about backing up and recover-ability. It results in short and long term dollar savings to the business.

Local Backup Copy

There is absolutely no need to recover large files from the cloud if the local backup is still intact. If the local backup has failed, an encrypted hard-drive can be sent anywhere in the Australia in less than 24 hours for restoration to new hardware.


Data is encrypted before being transferred, thus cannot be read if intercepted by unauthorized users while in transit. Individual files and folders or the whole drives can only be recovered using individual encryption keys providing a secure method while saving time and effort.

Instant Boot Backup Images

ArmourDR is a fast-moving, stable, high-performance business technology solution. It protects virtual and physical Windows servers, plus Windows desktops and laptops  with the ability to instantly boot backup images as Virtual Machines.

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