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OCCAM is a flexible, fast and robust system that ensures your practice has perfectly streamlined workflow while providing timely and reliable information....

Healthinc OCCAM Radiology Information System (RIS) is a flexible, fast and robust system that ensures your practice has perfectly streamlined workflow while providing timely and reliable information. This ensures your practice delivers the best possible patient care whilst achieving the highest level of business efficiency.

OCCAM RIS is a comprehensive radiology information and management system that has been specifically designed and developed for the Australian and New Zealand Radiology markets including seamless integration to HIC online, NZ ACC and NZ Maternity Services.


OCCAM RIS is a proven system that is currently operating in a large number of radiology practices and departments across the country. OCCAM RIS has been designed to grow as your business expands without any changes being required to the software; it is a solid system that has the capacity to perform the management functions for single or multiple practices/departments.

OCCAM RIS is a fast, streamlined, reliable and intuitive system that improves the efficiency of every person working in the Radiology Practice.

"Healthinc provides us with a real feeling of partnership. X Radiology's success is also very much Healthinc's success. With the large corporate RIS companies, you tend to feel lost in the shuffle."

Tim Demetriades

Radiologist and Co-Owner at X Radiology

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Key features of OCCAM RIS

Increased throughput with greater accuracy

OCCAM provides a streamlined, integrated and complete solution for the modern Radiologist. The OCCAM Radiologist workflow provides complete flexibility allowing you to work how you want to work.

Fast accurate data entry with an intuitive friendly and feature rich interface

The OCCAM RIS is built on a robust, high performance and scalable platform allowing for ultra-fast data entry with instant and intuitive search capabilities. Empower your clerical staff with the ability to process bookings, patient registration and patient billing. Remove Patient queues!

Increased throughput with efficient workflow & patient management

Healthinc’s "Single-Click Integration" lets Radiographers concentrate on patient care. Streamlined workflow is achieved with radiographer "Single-Click Integration" Worklist: no data entry, instant access to all required/related information such as referral information, previous reports and images, Patient notes, medications and allergies.

Administer the practice efficiently & cost effectively

OCCAM ensures Radiology Practices improve their cash flow, have a faster turnaround time for patients and referrers as well as being a robust and intuitive system. OCCAM delivers powerful billing and financial packages as well as offering up to the minute statistical information.

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More Features of OCCAM RIS

  • Healthinc have a proven track record of tight and efficient integration with the industry's leading PACS products, you can relax and choose the best RIS/PACS experience for your team.

  • A Radiologist Worklist module developed with many years of Radiologist feedback is designed for the specific needs of Radiologists. Access to full patient history, referral and referrer information and scanned request forms are just a click away.

  • Digital Dictation or Voice Recognition - the choice is yours. OCCAM's tight integration will maximise the productivity and improve the turnaround time for your reporting team.

  • Templates and structured reports give you control over data entry and faster report turnaround to improve efficiency and streamline your practice's workflow.

  • Choose offshore transcription or supplement local transcription resources with offshore transcription services. OCCAM provides private, confidential and secure integration with offshore transcription services, saving your practice money and improving report turnaround times. Choose turnaround times from 20 minutes to overnight – you choose how quickly you need your medical transcriptions returned. Perfect for businesses who need their transcriptions now, not tomorrow.

  • Eliminate the need for staff to learn complicated billing and rebate schedules. OCCAM's powerful yet intuitive billing processes turn your request codes into billing items, automatically inserting billing descriptor codes such as Not For Comparison etc.

  • Improve Communication with OCCAM SMS, an integrated module which allows you to communicate effectively with your patients and referrers including; appointment reminders, exam preparation notes, report ready for collection notifications as well as invoking an automatic fax gateway for medical reports to your referrers. Dramatically reduce the number of no shows. All messages templates are user configurable and can be scheduled for automatic delivery or sent on an adhoc basis as and when required.

  • With OCCAM you can scan paper-based request forms, consent forms, prior patient results, worksheets and store them digitally. Improve your practice workflow with easy access to all scanned documents.

  • Improved efficiency and reduced costs are among the many benefits of OCCAM RIS centralised electronic booking features.

  • OCCAM provides seamless integration with Medicare Australia Online. Available services include; Outpatient/Inpatient Medicare Bulk Bill, Outpatient/Inpatient Department of Veteran Affairs (DVA), Private Patient Claiming (PCI), Inpatient Medical Claims to Health Funds and Patient Verification Patient with Medicare And Health Insurance Funds. Provide the convenience for your patients and access to your bulk-billed funds faster than ever before.

There are simply too many features to list! Click on the buttons below to learn how OCCAM can address the specific challenges of each user in your practice.

Discover how OCCAM RIS can benefit Radiologists

Discover how OCCAM RIS can benefit Clinical Staff such as Radiographers & Sonographers

Discover how OCCAM RIS can benefit clerical, patient consultant and administration staff

Discover how OCCAM RIS can benefit Practice Managers and Administrators

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