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JiveX Healthcare Content Management

The JiveX Healthcare Content Management System (HCM) offers a tailor-made solution to display and communicate medical data in a structured way – independent of the location. Thereby the system can be individually adapted to different user groups and use cases. For this purpose, JiveX HCM provides all components to integrate, process, archive, and distribute medical data holistically within one system.


Due to its high integration capability with other primary systems, such as the HIS, a seamless communication cycle is created, which increases the quality of patient care and at the same time optimizes efficiency in healthcare facilities. JiveX Healthcare Content Management provides a consolidated database, which is necessary for the networking of medical systems.


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Process and Organise Medical Data​
JiveX Medical Data Management

Simply a well-rounded thing.

The mere existence of a comprehensive data collection is of little value. At the same time, it must be ensured that this data is archived consistently and well organized so that it can be accessed quickly: the right data - at the right place - at the right time – by the authorized user.

The core of the JiveX Healthcare Content Management is Medical Data Management. It includes all tools necessary to provide medical data consistently, at any time and at the right place of use. Users also benefit from automated processes which eliminate time-consuming data searches, long loading times and complex data management.

Advantages of JiveX HCM at a glance
  • Secure consolidation of all medical data

  • Record keeping which is standard-compliant (DICOM, PDF/A, HL7, CDA)

  • All medical information at a glance

  • Intelligent tools for data management

  • Representation of all medical data at case or patient level

  • Vendor neutral archiving

  • Cross-facility communication via IHE-XDS

  • Developed to meet medical requirements and processes in health care facilities

The first step toward the Healthcare Content Management System

JiveX HCM is made up of individual elements combined in a single system. This modular approach has the convenience of enabling hospitals to extend their existing infrastructure with individual components step by step or introduce a full HCM.

Creating an appropriate HCM for your facility

There is no rigid blueprint for creating an HCM. Each HCM is individually tailored to meet your needs. Before the HCM is launched, there is an initial survey:

  • What existing IT systems are providing the medical data to be integrated into the HCM?

  • What data formats are available?

  • What existing components can be used for HCM implementation?

  • What components are missing altogether?

  • Who will be the users of the HCM and data? How should data allocation occur later?

  • What processes can be implemented immediately? Which can be implemented at a later stage?

Answers to these questions make clear what components of the HCM are needed and how these should be constructed:

  • Medical data integration

    • Hospital information system

    • Gateways for integrating different data (formats)

  • Workflow management

    • Process components for medical data import and allocation (HL7 MDM, IHE-XDS)

    • Process components for building worklists

    • Process components for automated classification (file plan)

    • Process components for data synchronization

  • Medical viewing

    • MPG-compliant multiple format viewer

  • Medical archive

    • IHE-XDS-compliant medical archive

Four pillars of modern image data management
1.  Medical Integration

Bringing medical data together in a system is one thing. Harmonizing data of different formats such that it can be displayed on a case- and/or patient-related basis is an entirely different thing. Whether documents, biosignals, images, structured data or videos: with the JiveX Gateways, the HCM can convert all important data into standard formats such as DICOM, HL7, PDF/A or CDA. This creates the basis for the joint consideration and utilization of information in a medical case- or patient-related context.

Intelligent integration

t does not matter whether the data is actually physically present in the HCM or fed into the HCM from a subsystem. HCM does not involve the consolidation of systems, but rather of information. This is precisely what makes the HCM so attractive: For those who use special software, for example in endoscopy, nothing actually changes. They can continue to work with their regular systems and tools.

However, the data and readings generated here run into the HCM in the background and supplement regular medical information. For users, this means a double benefit: They can work with their regular systems and tools and at the same time they benefit from time savings and information density resulting from the consolidated data access in the HCM.

Integration also makes things easier for the IT because only one archive needs to be administered. Additionally, the HCM represents a very good data backup: In the event that, for example, the HIS fails, patient records can nonetheless still be accessed throughout the hospital.

The following JiveX Gateways were specially developed for the required process and ensure intelligent data integration:

  • JiveX Analog Modality Gateway

  • JiveX PDF Print Gateway

  • JiveX ECG Modality Gateway

  • JiveX Scan Import Gateway

  • JiveX File Import Gateway

  • JiveX Photo Documentation Gateway

  • JiveX CD Import Gateway

2.  Medical Viewing

Quickly and Reliably Interpret Radiology Data

The special feature of our JiveX Healthcare Content Management system (HCM) is that all medical data is available in a single location. It is therefore only logical that JiveX also offers a multimodal, web-based Zero Footprint Viewer which can display all information irrespective of its format and in parallel.

The consolidation of all medical data about a patient or case on one screen is a prerequisite for a holistic assessment in a medical context. This saves time and increases the diagnostic quality, because it is ensured that important information does not go unnoticed.

Good sorting for better clarity

In the context of  Healthcare Content Management, the JiveX Viewer is characterized by yet another aspect: The display of data in accordance with the respective file structure of an institution. Consequently, the use of  JiveX HCM is particularly convenient, because it can transfer the usual review of paper records to the digital world – and this also increases the acceptance of digital solutions.

3.  Medical Sharing

Share and Communicate Radiology Data

JiveX Medical Sharing is the basis for modern care structures. It makes it possible for medical data to be easily shared with patients, physicians and medical records. This allows institutions to meet the upcoming requirements regarding modern data provision – without a complicated infrastructure and without compromising security.

Standard-based data exchange

With JiveX Medical Sharing, medical data is provided across sectors. The use of standards such as IHE XDS or FHIR guarantees vendor neutrality for institutions and complete flexibility when building communication structures. Integration into existing portal solutions is seamless and easy.

Moreover, JiveX Medical Sharing allows necessary permission based concepts to be implemented. Access is personalized and is limited to specified data – regardless of the nature of the data transfer.

The possible applications of JiveX Medical Sharing are diverse and range from networking across institutions to patient integration to improved communication with the health insurance medical services.

4.  Medical Archiving

Manage and Archive Radiology Data

To meet archiving requirements from a statutory and strategic perspective, intelligent and secure concepts are needed. JiveX is specialized in management and archiving of radiological image data.

JiveX archives and manages vendor neutral and audit-proof, therefore independent of the manufacturer of the data-generating modality, as well as unalterable, searchable and traceable.

Reliability and long-term archiving with JiveX

JiveX supports various concepts and solutions to ensure reliability. One of several solutions for high availability is the independent operation of several servers which are continuously and autonomously synchronized through JiveX. If one of these servers fails, another one takes over, so that no data loss or failures can occur.

Long-term archiving of data requires careful consideration. With JiveX, various concepts can be carried out, depending on the individual requirements of an institution. Archiving in the cloud is also supported by JiveX which closes the gap between an in-house archiving system and an external data center. Encryption methods and data compression are also taken into account.

More efficiency in archiving through hierarchies

A hierarchical archiving with rule-based data replication represents the optimal utilization of available storage systems. Data which is not used for a longer period of time can be relocated to a slower and therefore more affordable storage system. If necessary, this data can be automatically restored onto the faster storage system any time in a rule-based way. This happens early on so that the data is always available to the user when they need it.

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