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Customised Service Delivery To Meet Your Needs
By Experts in RIS, PACS, VNA, DICOM & HL7

Integration Services

Healthinc is focused on both radiology information management & imaging quality. We can assist in efficient information management and interoperability with other radiology systems. Information sharing is done using established data communication standards and protocols. Healthinc is experienced in integrating with numerous other modality vendors, report delivery providers, RIS & PACS systems and teleradiology systems.

Custom DICOM & HL7 Solutions

Healthinc can provide custom DICOM and HL7 interface solutions to interoperate with other vendor systems. Using these interface solutions, patient data can be pushed to or pulled from medical devices, practice management systems, medical billing software and patient/referrer portals. Healthinc's Modality Worklist can provide complete patient information including demographics and exam data to different modalities. This can also be configured to provide a HL7 feed to a PACS system.

IT Consultancy

Consulting services are also provided by Healthinc for radiology IT environment. Healthinc can assist radiology providers to improve performance, lower turnaround time and reduce costs. This is achieved by sharing of resources, streamlining services and customised solutions. We can also assist radiology practices in setting up ICT strategy, managed services, cloud computing and backup & disaster recovery.

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Network & VPN Design

We are experienced in designing of customer networks from scratch or look after existing networks in a radiology environment. We can liaise with your IT/Network provider or you can outsource everything to us. Healthinc can provide end to end management services. We proud ourselves in

  • Health and Security checks

  • Network Security & Firewalls

  • LAN & WAN design

  • VLANs

  • Site-to-Site VPNs

  • Remote access for work from home

  • Server based computing

  • Virtualization

  • Cloud based computing

Data Migration

Transitioning software platforms in a radiology environment is a cumbersome exercise. There are always concerns about data integrity, data loss, data security and time. We have expertise in assisting customers in migrating images, reports, exam requests and other historical data from one system to another. We liaise with other vendors to workout modalities of data migration, testing, completion and handover to full customer satisfaction. You can rely on our expertise to perform all data migration tasks safely and securely.

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With customers throughout Australia and New Zealand, Healthinc have extensive experience installing, integrating and supporting digital imaging solutions in radiology practices nationwide. Read some of Healthinc's Customer Testimonials

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