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Healthinc Connex

Access Images and Reports - One Click

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Healthinc Connex is revolutionary solution which enables you to deliver to your referrers, radiology reports containing interactive content which provides means for easy and direct access to associated medical imaging.

The business of providing imaging services has never been more competitive than it is today. Every hospital and radiology practice in your market is clamouring for imaging referrals from your local referring physician population. As a provider of imaging services, you need to do everything possible to attract referring physicians for their business through relationships, technology, and marketing strategies. Your very success lies in your ability to succeed on this front.

With Healthinc Connex, referrers can access images directly from their clinical system without having to log into a separate system with a separate username & password.


The interactive content is embedded directly in the electronic report and simply requires a click for the access of images.

Healthinc Connex works seamlessly on devices such as tablets and smartphones so specialists on the go can view reports and images via a web browser and secure mobile apps.

Healthinc Connex integrates with all major practice software vendors and requires no intervention, configuration, software distribution and installation by your referrers. See Healthinc Connex in action in the video below.

With Healthinc Connex; unnecessary and time consuming interruptions to your referrers workflow are a thing of the past. Provide an unequalled and complete Clinical Review Platform to your referrers without disruption to their workflow.




Connex link can be clicked on any device including tablets and smartphones for easy access of images.

Key features of Healthinc Connex

Streamlined Workflow

Leverage your investment in existing PACS & report delivery infrastructure to provide a simple mechanism for referrers to view images. The images can be viewed on a variety of current devices.

Secure & Encrypted

We take privacy seriously. We protect your data, security and privacy by using encrypted SSL technologies and following best practice security guidelines.

Empower Your Referrers

Referrers can access patient images with a single click which eliminates the need to support or manage their user credentials by the radiology practice.

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It’s been a long time coming – a low cost referrer portal linked directly to their patient management system with simple links to the patient’s images and reports. Even better – the referrer can also review reports and images on the fly on mobile, PC and tablet.

Wayne Judkins

The Imaging Consultant

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Integrates with all major practice software vendors


See it in Action

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