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Radiology Image Sharing; iConnect delivers Positive Outcomes for Australian Patients and Providers

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

Hi All,

I recently became aware of an example where Healthinc's Radiology Image Distribution and Patient Portal platform built on iConnect Access from Watson Health Imaging played an integral part in improving patient care and outcomes.

Below is a summary of events which occurred for one of our clients which emphatically demonstrates this and we thank Metro Radiology for sharing.

Metro Radiology Brisbane:

The surgeon's secretary called and explained that the disc they had been given by the patient wasn't working and that the patient was already under anaesthetic.

The surgeon needed the DICOM data to upload to their software before they could start the procedure.

The surgeon was at a private hospital on the Gold Coast, a new disc couldn't be hand delivered and uploading the pictures to QLD Health PACS wasn't an option either.

I called the Healthinc help desk and explained the situation and if the request could be put through as a priority.

With Healthinc's assistance, within minutes we created a secure account for the doctor with access to the specific studies and provided the surgeon with log in details so the DICOM images could be downloaded to their software package.

Super easy, Healthinc saved the day.

When image sharing and the security around it is appropriately handled, patient confidentiality, security and outcomes can be tremendous. Gotta feel good about that!

At Healthinc we would love to hear more stories of how imaging sharing has benefited, your practice, referrers and/or patients. Please leave a comment below or email us

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