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Introducing Healthinc AmourDR - Managed Cloud Backup & Disaster Recovery Solution; Don't Let

Healthinc armourDR Cloud Backup & Disaster Recovery

The reason for loss could be as catastrophic as fire, flood, theft or malicious damage; or as simple as no one regularly testing that the backup was working. Organisations have been known to completely fail after experiencing a major loss of information.

Without a good recovery plan a disaster will expose your organisation to serious risks including:​

  • Permanent loss of critical business data

  • Inability to trade and subsequent loss of revenue

  • Damage to client and supplier relationships​

Healthincs' armourDR managed backup and disaster recovery as a Service takes the risk out of on-site backups by providing a reliable automated, off-site service. When disaster strikes, you can be confident that we’ll recover your entire system quickly and easily.

Healthinc armourDR will silently and continuously back up all data in a completely managed and secure platform. Providing the ability to rapidly recover data following data loss, device failure, device theft, ransomware, malware or disasters.

​Backups are critical; but, if you’re only performing regular backups to a nearby local device such as a hard drive, tape or USB drive, you’re missing an important part of your backup strategy. You need your files stored in separate physical locations.

Protect your business from ransomware, malware and catastrophic events like fires, floods, and robberies. Files stored in just one physical location are vulnerable. With copies of your company data securely protected, recover from malware fast—and never pay the ransomer.

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