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Quikscribe Recorder

The #1 Digital Dictation Software System

Quikscribe Recorder

Quikscribe Recorder is the world's most advanced digital dictation system with many advanced features not found in any other product. Quikscribe Recorder reduces turnaround time by  sending the files over computer network resulting in quick transcription and report availability. Quikscribe hardware & software is reliable and easy to use. 

This is most advanced transcription software system specifically designed for professional legal, medical, educational, and business organizations. The Quikscribe Recorder can record, compress and edit audio all at the same time. The major benefit is that audio files are kept very small, which significantly increases storage space and the time to send a file. The Quikscribe Recorder also provides the option for Post Compression and No Compression.

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With Quikscribe you can…

Digital Dictation Software System Designed for Doctors, Typists and Overseas Transcription

Medical dictation and transcription have never been easier and more secure, than with the Quikscribe digital dictation system.  Dictation files can now be easily created from a doctors computer, and then sent internally, or encrypted across the Internet for transcription.

Send Digital Dictation Files Over Your Network or Via E-mail

Send Audio Emails (Encrypted), to a staff person, or a fellow physician, which display the patient’s records, graphics, and your audio message as a multi-media file (recipient must have Quikscribe Viewer, available free, to utilize multi-media capabilities).

Insert Text, Images or Full Documents Into Your Audio File

Send medical dictation files which incorporate relevant excerpts of the patient’s record to be incorporated into your medical dictation audio file.  

Send Digital Dictation Files By Encrypted Email

Files encrypted with 1024 byte (80 times industry standard) encryption for HIPAA-compliant transmission over the Internet.

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