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Quikscribe Player

The #1 Digital Transcription Software System

Quikscribe Player

The Quikscribe Player is used for transcription of the files dictated using Quikscribe Recorder software. The Quikscribe Player can work independently by itself or part of a work-group, whereby the multiple typist work from a central typing queue. The Quikscribe Player uses a heavy duty, triple action Foot Pedal Switch. It can Play, Stop, Rewind and Fast Forward.

The Quikscribe Player also has global Hot-keys, which means you can control certain actions of the Quikscribe Player while working within other programs e.g. Microsoft Word.The Hot-Keys are user definable, which means if you ever encounter a conflict with other programs, you can easily change the associated Hot-keys to resolve the conflict.

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With Quikscribe you can…

Works With Any Windows Based Word Processor

The Quikscribe Player is able to work seamlessly behind any Windows based word processor or application like Microsoft Word. The Quikscribe Player also uses global Hot-keys to provide extra functionality, such as Inserting Location Markers etc.

Ability To Normalize (Amplify) Low Audio Levels

Often when audio is recorded for dictation the audio level of the recording is very low; as a result it can make the task of transcription very difficult. Quikscribe Player scans the audio file and calculates the maximum volume (peak) within the file. If the maximum peak is only 30%, it means the file can be amplified by an extra 70%. The Quikscribe Player then re-samples the audio file and amplifies it by this amount.

Able To Use One Queue With Multiple Typists

Multiple typists can transcribe from a common queue with the Quikscribe Player. The reason is, that when the Quikscribe Player opens a file, it automatically locks the file. When a file is locked, it no longer appears visible within the queue (even though it is still there). The reason that this is done, is so two or more typist do not accidentally transcribe the same file.

Automatically Captures Total Transcription Time

The Quikscribe Player has an internal timer (clock) that keeps track of the total transcription time for each file. This duration is the actual time the file was opened and being worked on. The Quikscribe Player also automatically captures and saves the Date & Time the file was opened and the Date & Time the file was completed.

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