Merge eFilm Workstation™

The Most Widely-Used Diagnostic Viewing Workstation Worldwide

Merge eFilm Workstation

Merge eFilm Workstation is a stand-alone solution to view and manage images and is the world’s #1 downloaded medical imaging application.

eFilm Workstation allows users to have a full diagnostic quality workstation, dedicated CD/DVD burning, DICOM printing and an image review station in a low cost and high content solution that is scalable to any organization.

With the following features, is it any wonder suitability of this workstation as part of your medical imaging solution?

  • Auto-routing of studies included

  • Image compression when sending studies

  • Ability to connect to other efilm 4.X workstations securely without a VPN

  • Gray Scale Presentation State (GSPS) support for Key Images

  • PET/CT Image Display - Fused PET and CT images from the same study can be viewed, permitting visualisation of functional PET data combined with anatomical CT data.

  • Pixel-for-Pixel Zoom

  • True-sized Printing

  • MPR

  • User Profiles

  • 3D/Volume Rendering

  • DICOM Printing

  • Customizable Toolbars

  • Integrated CD & DVD Creation

  • Intuitive GUI

  • Mouse Support

A stand-alone solution to view and manage images

An integrated and integral part of your imaging workflow.
Additional Add-On Modules Available

eFilm Scan

​eFilm Scan is an application designed to scan conventional medical films using third-party digitizers. With eFilm Scan, images can be ordered, viewed and imported as DICOM studies with relevant patient information directly into your PACS or burned directly onto a CD or DVD.

As institutions progress into filmless environments, they face the challenge of managing hardcopy x-ray films. When scanned as a single image, multi-slice modality films are of questionable practical and even diagnostic or clinical value. The typical tiled film format is not well suited to electronic review. Furthermore, the static nature of this format negates any advantage attained from the three-dimensional CT and MRI images. eFilm Scan expands the utility of this data by automatically separating each image slice into a single image.


  • Simplifies the transition from film to filmless

  • Provides an efficient way to digitize relevant prior studies

  • Easy to use, even for radiology novices

  • Cost-effective way to begin digitization of studies

  • Integrated with PACS via DMWL (DICOM Modality Worklist)


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eFilm HIS/RIS SDK™ enables users to create seamless integration with their HIS, RIS and/or other clinical systems.

eFilm Image SDK™

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Add customised image manipulation to eFilm Workstation with eFilm Image SDK.


eFilm Workstation's image manipulation capabilities can be extended to meet individual user specifications through the creation of custom plug-ins. 

eFilm Image Stitching (AccuStitch)

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AccuStitch is an advanced image stitching and angle measurement application for today’s digital radiography. It allows the user to stitch the thoracic and lumbar films and then automatically compute the Cobb angle measurement.

Images are acquired with any DICOM 3.0 compliant digital radiography system and sent to a standard PC where they are loaded into the AccuStitch program. The user may choose any of three registration methods to identify specific fiducial points on each image. Once the images have been stitched, validation tools allow the user to see misregistration in the overlapped images.

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