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The Quikscribe Recorder is the world's most advanced digital dictation system with many advanced features not found in any other product. 

Using the Quikscribe Recorder Hand Control, you can insert, overwrite, stop, play, rewind, and fast forward. Plus, you can insert text attachments, and screen shots, and instantly undo / redo dictation edits, while working seamlessly behind other Windows applications. 

Quikscribe Recorder

    • Windows 10 (All Editions)
    • Windows 8.1 (All Editions)
    • Windows 7 (All Editions)
    • Instantly undo or redo audio edits
    • Record using voice activation
    • Record in Insert or Overwrite mode
    • Record virtually unlimited file duration
    • Cut & past text or case citations
    • Insert screen shots or pictures
    • Attach associated files or documents
    • Record and compress at the same time
    • Provide better "Risk Management"
    • Automatic redundancy and house keeping
    • Seamlessly integrates with Philips SpeechMike, Grundig SonicMic, Olympus and other professional digital recorders
    • Automatic file management
    • Remote dictation abilities with e-mail and FTP
    • Automatically captures all billable hours
    • Import both .dss and .wav files
    • Come with built-in interactive multimedia training
    • Create Computer Based Training content
    • Eliminates ongoing cost (tapes & batteries)
    • Increased office productivity for author and typist
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