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The Quikscribe Player is currently the worlds most advanced PC based digital transcription solution, with many features, not found in any other product. The Quikscribe Player can work independently by itself or part of work-group, whereby the multiple typist work from a central typing queue.

Quikscribe Player

    • Windows 10 (All Editions)
    • Windows 8.1 (All Editions)
    • Windows 7 (All Editions)
    • Automatic File Notification
    • Multiple Audio File Formats Supported
      • WAV (Wave)
        The .wav file is an audio file format, created by Microsoft, which has become the standard audio format for PC’s. The .wav file format has been accepted as the preferred interchange medium for other computer platforms, such as Macintosh. This allows content developers and programs to freely move audio files between platforms.
      • DSS (Digital Speech Standard)
        The .dss format is proprietary audio format used by Olympus and Philips range of portable digital voice recorders, which can produced very small (compressed) audio files for transcription.
      • IAF (Intelligent Audio File)
        The IAF format is a proprietary audio format created by Quikscribe Pty Ltd specifically designed for advanced PC based digital dictation and transcription. In addition to producing very small (compressed) audio files, the IAF format has several other advanced features. For example, it is able to insert text attachments, insert pictures and other files within itself. Lastly, it has a small database within every file, that keeps track of the files history for management purposes.
      • MP2, MP3 (including files with VBR (variable bitrate))
      • VOX (Dialogic ADPCM)
      • RAW (PCM, ALAW, ULAW and others)
      • G.721, G.723, G.726
      • Mobile Voice
      • Ogg Vorbis


    • Ability to insert Markers
      The Quikscribe Player is able to insert location markers anywhere within an audio file. This is a great time saving feature if you need clarification on a point or require more information from the author.
    • Paste Embed text and images
      Often when a dictation file is created, large amounts of reference material can be narrated verbatim from a source. If this source is in an electronic format e.g. a Word Document, Web Sites or CD-ROM, the Quikscribe Recorder can copy and paste this information into the .iaf (Intelligent Audio File).
    • Works with any Windows based word processor
    • Files are automatically queued based on priority
    • Built-in interactive training
    • Ability to normalise (amplify) low audio levels
    • Able to insert or extract files or documents
    • Use one queue with multiple typists
    • Automatically captures total transcription time
    • Slow audio down without pitch change
    • Seamlessly integrates with the QS Manager
    • Able to be centrally controlled and configured
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