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Introducing Healthinc illume - Patient Portal

In the radiology world, we focus on results and “getting things done”, but who for? We work hard, we learn more, we experience and we teach. In the Healthcare industry we all strive to find the best outcomes for our clients, the patients that patronise our rooms, services, departments and hospitals.

At Healthinc we’ve extended this patient centric approach further. Healthinc illume patient portal allows patients access to their full imaging history at your institution. Powered by Merge iConnect Access UV and integrated with OCCAM RIS or your system, Healthinc illume can auto generate patient access credentials and through varying methods notify each client individually. illume is one component of Healthinc’s interoperability offerings.

Healthinc illume is the ultimate Radiology Patient Portal in the market and is actively enabling Radiology practices to provide a meaningful, useful and innovative service to their patients and referring healthcare professionals.

Healthinc illume enables patients to access images & reports directly from their devices like PC, tablets & smart phones. This access is also suitable in situations where patients have to see different doctors and eliminates the need for costly hard copy films & reports.

Healthinc illume;

  • slashes your film costs; avoid film reprints and realise a fast return on your investment.

  • facilitates anywhere anytime any device access for patients

  • builds patronage through an easy, enriched experience

  • puts practice branding in the end user spaces.

Healthinc illume can be tailored to differing access levels, catering for the needs of both patients and referrers.

​Provide safe and secure access; anywhere, anytime and on any device with Healthinc illume Patient Portal.

I am available to answer any questions and am interested to know your opinions and thoughts on patient portals and information distribution.

Learn more about Healthinc illume patient portal and how your business can realise significant savings whilst vastly improving patient and referrer satisfaction levels.

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