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Healthinc OCCAM RIS

Radiologists will enjoy increased throughput with greater accuracy. A streamlined, integrated and complete solution for the modern Radiologist

OCCAM RIS - Radiologist

Healthinc OCCAM RIS provides a streamlined, integrated and completed solution for the modern Radiologist. The OCCAM Radiologist workflow provides complete flexibility allow you to work how you want to work.

The OCCAM RIS Radiologist Worklist module has been developed with many years of Radiologist feedback and is designed for the specific needs of Radiologists. Access to full patient history, referral and referrer information and scanned request forms are just a click away.

Some Key features of OCCAM RIS for Radiologists

The OCCAM RIS is built on a robust, high performance and scalable platform allowing for ultra-fast data entry with instant and intuitive search capabilities. Empower your clerical staff with the ability to process bookings, patient registration and patient billing.

Optimised Streamlined Workflow

  • OCCAM RIS will help to promote and support best practice, paperless workflows throughout your organisation.

  • Automatically invoke the workflow relevant to the consultation workflow status

  • Capture Patient Referral Information and Patient clinical or other relevant notes ie: Allergies and Medical Alerts.

  • Automated management of critical processes such as report delivery improves efficiency and eliminates costly and time consuming and error prone tasks.

  • Highly visible and granular workflow statuses allow you track the progress of patient consultations, report delivery and billing. 

  • Integrated Document Scanning - with OCCAM RIS you can scan paper-based request forms, consent forms, prior patient results, worksheets and store them digitally. Improve your practice workflow with easy access to all scanned documents.


  • Improve communication with staff and referrers

  • Communicate with Staff;

    • Technician Notes.

    • Typist Notes.

    • If such notes exist; they are prominently displayed ensuring you don't miss any important information.

  • Referrer Communication

    • View Referrer Details with ease including contact details.

    • Send Critical Results Notification SMS to referrers.

    • Automated integration with secure electronic delivery providers. ​

    • Automatic fax gateway for medical report

PACS Integration

  • Relax and choose the best RIS/PACS experience for your team; the open architecture and standards based approach of Occam makes integration a breeze for your Practice. 

  • OCCAM RIS seamlessly integrates with many market leading PACS products including but not limited to; 

    • Merge PACS

    • Intelerad PACS

    • Voyager PACS

    • Centricity RA

    • Fuji PACS

    • eFilm Workstation

    • Osirix

    • IQ-View

  • OCCAM RIS tight, efficient and full featured integrations with many PACS products include advanced integration features such as pre-caching, checking for local availability of studies and triggering DICOM Query and Retrieve.

  • View Patient History including previous medical reports/images or any notes about a patient.

  • Scan and view patient notes, worksheets and consent forms.

Full Medical History

  • Easily review a patients previous medical history including examinations and results in a patients My Health Record.

  • Full access to allergy, medical alerts and medication history.

  • Transcriptionist and Technologist Notes

Voice Recognition, Digital Dictation or Both - the choice is yours

  • OCCAM supports numerous integrations with digital dictation and transcription products as well as Voice recognition systems

  • Operate in a hybrid environment with a mix of both.

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Increased throughput with greater accuracy with many features simply not found in competitor products

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Too much information?

Feature Overload? Perhaps, but you don't need to use them all at the same time.
After many years of continuous and active development, OCCAM RIS has a huge feature set which deliver a highly configurable and optimised Radiology workflow solution.
Book a demonstration to see OCCAM RIS in action.
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