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Healthinc OCCAM RIS

Empower your clerical staff with the ability to efficiently process bookings, patient registration, billing and manage patient communication

OCCAM RIS - Clerical Users

The OCCAM RIS is built on a robust, high performance and scalable platform allowing for ultra-fast data entry with instant and intuitive search capabilities. Empower your clerical staff with the ability to process bookings, patient registration and billing. Remove Patient Queues!

Some Key features of OCCAM RIS for Clerical Users


  • Developed with an intuitive and powerful Microsoft® Outlook®-like scheduling user interface. All Schedule controls are fully interactive, so users can enter new appointments, adjust start and end times, cut, copy, past, and drag-drop or resize appointments.

  • OCCAM RIS powerful centralised electronic booking features will improve efficiency and reduce costs. With OCCAM RIS you can easily manage multiple branches/practices, multiple rooms and multiple resources across your entire business.

  • Easily scan for the next available appointment and enter patient details quickly.

  • Easily create, edit and customise Room and Resource Schedules.

  • Multi-Resource checks - Doctors, Technicians, skills, rosters and rooms. Ensure you always the required resources available at the time of the examination.

  • Capture Patient Referral Information and Patient clinical or other relevant notes ie: Allergies and Medical Alerts.

  • Seek informed consent from patients and provide an estimate of fees which the procedure(s) may incur.

  • View Patient History including previous medical reports/images or any notes about a patient.

  • Scan and view patient notes, worksheets and consent forms.

  • Minimise patient no-shows, increase your revenue by ensuring that maximum utilisation of your resources with SMS patient appointment reminders and preparation notes.

  • Easily enquire and report on follow ups, stand-by lists, patients that did-not-arrive, day and room views.

  • A complete audit trail of appointments is maintained enabling you to investigate any changes to appointments; ALL changed details are captured including changed date/times, appointments durations, resources and by whom they were changed.

Powerful yet simple data entry

  • OCCAM provides sophisticated keyboard driven data entry which facilitates fast, accurate data entry with real-time validation, default values, list-filtering and skip-and-fill fields.

  • First time users will feel immediately comfortable with data entry tasks and will quickly improve data entry speeds as users become familiar with consistent data entry conventions and shortcuts - single keystrokes will replace multi keystroke or mouse click actions.

  • Highly configurable rules regarding mandatory and/or optional data collection fields. Enforce the collection of important data whilst skipping unnecessary fields.

  • ​Easily convert Request Codes into the appropriate Billing Items

  • Eliminate the need for staff to learn complicated billing and rebate schedules. OCCAM's intuitive billing processes turn your request codes into billing items, automatically inserting billing descriptor codes such as Not For Comparison, Non Contiguous Body Area etc

  • Automatic Procedure Codes simplify the entry of complicated billing items.

  • Intuitive search, data input validation and context sensitive help on most fields aids accurate and timely entry of data

  • Sophisticated cross referencing within OCCAM safe guards against possible duplicate patient, referrer and other records.

  • Flexible search options; patient name, medicare number, hospital URNO or UPI.

  • Printing of Patient identifier labels with or without bar coding. The format is fully customisable.

Optimised Streamlined Workflow

  • OCCAM RIS will help to promote and support best practice, paperless workflows throughout your organisation.

  • OCCAM provides intelligent wizards and prompts that guide users through all workflows within the system.

  • Capture Patient Referral Information and Patient clinical or other relevant notes ie: Allergies and Medical Alerts.

  • Automated management of critical processes such as report delivery improves efficiency and eliminates costly and time consuming and error prone tasks.

  • Highly visible and granular workflow statuses allow you track the progress of patient consultations, report delivery and billing. 

  • Integrated Document Scanning - with OCCAM RIS you can scan paper-based request forms, consent forms, prior patient results, worksheets and store them digitally. Improve your practice workflow with easy access to all scanned documents.


  • ​Single Billing Process - all consultations are billed through a single function; irrespective of classification (ie: Private Workers Compensation, DVA, Bulk Bill, inpatient etc)

  • Invoices or assignment forms may be automatically printed

  • Automatic calculation of fees based on the classification and HIC billing rules

  • Private patients can be receipted at the time of billing or an account issues

  • Medicare bulk billed claims can be easily modified with a full audit of any changes made.

  • OCCAM RIS provides seamless integration with Medicare Australia Online. Provide the convenience for your patients and access to your bulk-billed funds faster than ever before. Available services include;

    • Outpatient/Inpatient Medicare Bulk Bill.

    • Outpatient/Inpatient Department of Veteran Affairs (DVA).

    • Private Patient Claiming (PCI / Private Patient Claiming Interactive).

    • Inpatient Medical Claims to Health Fund.

    • Patient Verification Patient with Medicare And Health Insurance Funds.

  • Intuitive Double-entry Accounting ensures visibility of the complete financial history.


  • Improve communication with patients and referrers via OCCAM RIS Communication Gateway Module; an integrated module which allows you to communicate effectively with your patients and referrers including; appointment reminders, exam preparation notes, report ready for collection notifications as well as invoking an automatic fax gateway for medical reports to your referrers. Dramatically reduce the number of no shows. All messages templates are user configurable and can be scheduled for automatic delivery or sent on an adhoc basis as and when required.

  • Communicate with Patients;

    • Appointment Reminders - dramatically reduce the number of no shows.

    • Exam preparation notes

    • Report ready for collection notifications

  • Referrer Communication

    • Automated integration with secure electronic delivery providers. ​

    • Critical Results Notification

    • Automatic fax gateway for medical reports

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fast, accurate data entry with an intuitive, friendly and feature rich interface

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Too much to read?

Don't Worry. We know that's a lot features to read!
After many years of continuous and active development, OCCAM RIS has a huge feature set which deliver a highly configurable and optimised Radiology workflow solution.
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