Merge eFilm Scan™

An Application to Scan Conventional Films

Merge eFilm Workstation

eFilm Scan is an application designed to scan conventional medical films using third-party digitizers. With eFilm Scan, images can be ordered, viewed and imported as DICOM studies with relevant patient information directly into your PACS or burned directly onto a CD or DVD.

As institutions progress into filmless environments, they face the challenge of managing hardcopy x-ray films. When scanned as a single image, multi-slice modality films are of questionable practical and even diagnostic or clinical value. The typical tiled film format is not well suited to electronic review.

Furthermore, the static nature of this format negates any advantage attained from the threedimensional CT and MRI images. eFilm Scan expands the utility of this data by automatically separating each image slice into a single image.


Key benefits of eFilm Scan are as below:

  • Simplifies the transition from film to filmless

  • Provides an efficient way to digitize relevant prior studies

  • Easy to use, even for radiology novices

  • Cost-effective way to begin digitization of studies

  • Integrated with PACS via DICOM Modality Worklist​

eFilm Scan is an application designed to scan conventional medical films using third-party digitizers. 

Key Features of eFilm Scan

Standalone Scanning Solution

eFilm Scan 2.0 is now a standalone application that enables users to digitize analog films, send the digitized films to a DICOM storage device and burn digitized films onto CD or DVD directly from the application. Previous versions of eFilm Scan were plug-ins to eFilm Workstation.

DICOM Modality Worklist Query 

With eFilm Scan you can query a MWL SCU to obtain patient/study information – fields will be pre-populated with any information already entered into the patient tree node.

Remote Device Query 

You are now able to query a DICOM device for a patient, select a specific study and use that information to create a new series which can be added directly to that study. Particularly useful for scanning a report to be a separate series in a study using a standard flatbed TWAIN compliant scanner.

Burn to CD/DVD 

Using the same feature set contained in eFilm 3.0, eFilm Scan allows you to burn all scanned images for a patient to a CD/DVD as a DICOMDIR compliant disk and can include the eFilm Lite 3.0 Viewer.

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